Holding On, Letting Go

Written by Laurie Hillis

Hi, I’m Laurie Hillis, I love what I do: the learning, the process, and above all, seeing how my clients grow as leaders.


September 10, 2020

I attended a fascinating webinar hosted by the Hudson Institute recently. Pam McLean, well known in leadership and coaching circles, led an insightful session about pivoting in uncertain times.

Pam and the panel spoke about the transitions, large and small we have all had to undergo in the past number of months. They shared their views on challenges such as:  global grief, parenting concerns, organizational survival concerns, health fears, lack of face-to-face connection with family/friends, political tensions, and a feeling of at times of living in quicksand.

While I appreciated that conversation, I really loved the concept of pausing and asking, “what are the gifts we have received since March 2020”?  Gifts such as more connection time, through the use of technology, increased presence and time with loved ones as distractions lessen and perhaps awakening to a new purpose or path in life.

What gifts have you become aware of as you’ve let go of what once was and live with the uncertainty of today and tomorrow?

Personally I’d had a few beautiful gifts: not having to travel on an airplane almost every week, enjoying more quality time with loved ones, collaborating virtually with colleagues and self-indulgent perhaps, but even sleeping in my own bed has been a blessing.

A concept near the end of the webinar really sparked my interest and this blog. It was the paradox of holding on AND letting go. It is about creating transitions. Throughout our lives we experience many cycles of this renewal process. To embrace this process well, means taking apart what once was and putting together what could be, even when the destination is blurry. It is not simply holding on or letting go – it is about changing who you are as you do it. It is about acknowledging that throughout our lives we are a work in progress, refining, reframing and reimagining ourselves.

There’s the nugget!  Who I was last year, who I was in March, and who I will be tomorrow are constantly evolving to meet the opportunities and challenges I’m presented with daily. The choice is mine about how I want to travel that transition.

  • What transitions do you find yourself in?
  • What do you need to hold onto?
  • What do you need to let go of?

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