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I truly admire Brené Brown’s work, so I am very proud to be a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. I also utilise several of her and others coaching tools that I have studied and mastered throughout my career.

Dare to Lead

With Dare to Lead™, I work with individuals, teams and organizations providing both workshops, coaching and conferences. The focus is on courage-building skills to transition from armoured leadership, to daring leadership. The Dare to Lead™ curriculum combines videos, facilitation, group work, and practical tools.

Upcoming Events
Dare to Lead™ V2 Learning Event – Starting April 1st

Daring Greatly™

Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly™ offers a transformative new vision for a way we lead, work, and educate. It’s all about the power of vulnerability, and how you can turn it into one of your greatest strengths. 

Rising Strong™

We may not know it, but we all have a reset button. Rising Strong™ teaches how to let go of old patterns and assumptions, to pick ourselves up after a “fall” and to step forward in brave new directions.

Harrison Assessments

The Harrison Work Preference Inventory suite of tools is a powerhouse for on-boarding, leadership development, engagement, succession planning and coaching for individuals and teams. It all starts with a quick, 25-minute assessment.

Learn more about the Harrison Assessments

Custom Coaching and Facilitation

Every leader is different, and so are their challenges. So, I get creative in building a program designed for you, and only you. This will be comprised of time-tested practical tools grounded in solid research such as Dare to Lead™, Harrison WPI, Type, EQ, Positive Intelligence, and much more.

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