Wherever you are on your journey, Megatrain will equip you with practical leadership tools and insights about yourself that will help you become a more effective leader. In these uncertain times, boldly moving ahead means embracing vulnerability and making it a core strength.

Who works with Megatrain

Megatrain clients come from business, non-profits, and the public sector. What they have in common is a desire to be better leaders, to tap that inner reserve of courage, and make a difference to their businesses, to their people, and to themselves.

If you want to reach a higher level of self-awareness, hone your leadership skills and are up for partaking in some challenging conversations along the way, Megatrain is for you.

Hear what clients say

Laurie Hillis

I founded Megatrain well before coaching started to trend and I’ve always been at the forefront with learning and assessing new leadership tools. I encourage clients to take the lead on their own learning journeys with me as their thinking partner.

There are many coaching tools, sessions, seminars and courses out there. I know, because I’ve taken many of them! As a self-professed learning junkie, I jump into cool new opportunities to learn and grow as a coach and a person. It’s given me the perspective to choose the tools that will work best for my clients.

Here’s a shortlist of recent courses and certifications: Trauma-Informed Certification to support resilience and well-being; and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator based on Brené Brown’s research; Harrison Work Personality for on-boarding leadership and development, engagement, succession planning; Resilience@Work for individuals and teams; Trust at Work® to foster critical conversations in the workplace; and Positive Intelligence, to help understand the propensity for self-sabotage among leaders. 

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